Affordable Dental Implants

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It can be a tough day after your dentist tells you that you require a dental implant, or you may need to have multiple implants, but you can find affordable dental implants. Your dentist may tell you that the cost of each implant may range from $3,000 to $5,000, and then you might see your holiday plans go down the drain but if you know more about what’s involved then it’s easier for you to find affordable dental implants.

You can find affordable dental implants to replace a single lost or damaged tooth, or multiple teeth that have been removed, or to secure your dentures.

About The Affordable Dental Implants Procedure

The dental implant may affect a single tooth or multiple teeth and will have no consequence on the surrounding teeth.  Your natural teeth will stay intact and untouched. The implant can hold one replacement tooth, or two affordable dental implants can secure a bridge or denture making it semi-permanent.

Bear in mind that you have an option that you should be conscious of when it comes to the charges as a number of dentists will not offer the two types of implants at the same price. Affordable dental implants tend to be the Endosteal type.


The endosteal is a type of implant that is surgically positioned in the jawbone with the use of a special medical grade screws or cylinders. A single endosteal dental post is able to hold a number of teeth. This is the most frequently used in the practice of dentistry nowadays.  This implant can be used for a single attachment for the bridge or denture. The good part of this is, these screw types of posts are quick to install and are more affordable dental implants. Endosteal units are the number one option for affordable dental implants.


This type of dental surgery involves the securing of the implant on the surface of the jaw by using a titanium metal framework. The posts are placed in the gum after it hold the prosthesis. This is used typically for patients that have an extensive loss of bone. This procedure is typically more difficult to perform, thus they are more expensive and not considered affordable dental implants, however some dentists see this to be a dated model.

Time Frames

The only real difference between same day / one hour implants and traditional implants is the time it takes to have them inserted.  Same day or one-hour implants will only take as long as the name suggests, but the traditional affordable dental implants require a couple appointments spread across a few months.

About the Traditional implants VS Affordable Dental Implants

During your first appointment the oral surgeon (not your dentist) will make an incision in your gums to gain entry to the underlying jaw bone. He will then be drilling a small hole of 4-7 mm and will put inside the hole a hollow dental post that is made from titanium.

Two to four months after the first appointment, your jawbone by now will have attached itself to the post thus making it secure and ready to accept the male port of the implant itself.  During your second visit the affordable dental implants will be inserted, and the crown will follow.

Should you need a bone graft since due to insufficient bone in your jaw, then you may need to have a bone grafting done a few months prior to the procedure.  In all, the whole process of the implantation can take almost a year. Once bone grafting becomes involved the concept of affordable dental implants becomes a lot harder to obtain.

About the One Hour Method for Affordable Dental Implants

Using a drill, your dentist will create a small holes at the accurate depth and angle for each of the affordable dental implants required, then your dentist will insert a small titanium post that seems to be like a hi-tech screw into each hole. If the high tech screw has already been mounted to a temporary tooth, it will then be put on the titanium post.

The tooth will be created a bit smaller in size than that of the space where it will be placed. This will aid in keeping the new post from being put under too much pressure. The whole procedure usually takes about 25 to 30 minutes to complete. The most affordable dental implants are usually the screw post type.

The titanium post implant is very well attached from the time it is inserted. On the other hand, it is very vital not to put too much pressure on the post for the first 30 days. It is strongly advised to stay away from raw foods like the celery that would come in contact with the new implant, and you should also avoid hard foods like nuts, or chewing ice.  A month afterwords you are to return to have your permanent crown attached.

The good part of the screw type post is that if you have insufficient bone in your jaw, then this implant can be the answer to avoid having a bone graft procedure done. Zirconium implants do look good, but if you are more concerned with the cost, then titanium would be the most affordable dental implants.

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