Cheap Dental Implants


Free dental implants are not common to find nowadays, even dental schools have switched to cheap dental implants .e.g, you still have to pay something. The dental implant is not covered by most of the dental insurance companies since dental implants are classified as a cosmetic surgery. If you happen to know a dentist that offers a free tooth implant or extremely cheap dental implants,  be wary of the catch that this offer may have, and make absolutely sure that the dentist seems reputable. Cheap dental implants DO EXIST, lets go over finding out how.

The charges for the dental implants are expensive, and the reason behind this is the material that is used for the dental implants are actually expensive.  Other than that, the actual dental implant surgery can take a while to do. This is the reason why a lot of dentists are charge $1,200 to as high as $5,000 just for one implant. All these factors make finding cheap dental implants a challenge. However not all dentists can do the dental implant surgeries since this procedure needs some special training.

cheap dental implants 150x150 Cheap Dental ImplantsBut there are options to get funding for dental implant surgery, and with the right care, the implant can last a lifetime.

Why look for cheap dental implants?

Looking for cheap dental implants can be challenging, but there a lot of reasons why it is worth your effort. The dental implants are the ideal replacement for your lost tooth, and you will not be able to differentiate between your real teeth and the cheap dental implants. Because they are compounded with your bone, they further prevent you from losing the bone tissue. Unlike dentures, cheap dental implants do not cause any difficulty in the way you speak or eat, and above all the implants do not make you feel uncomfortable. Dentures tend to slip and move around, and that can put you in an embarrassing moment, thus lowering your self esteem, but the cheap dental implants on the other hand, will stay firmly in place.

How can you find cheap dental implants?

1) Clinics that offer a freebie

You may come across clinics that offer you cheap dental implants. There are clinics and dentists that may be agreeable to perform the dental implants for patients at a reduced cost, but before you go ahead with the procedure, try checking out other clinics and dentist in that are in the area. You might find some more offers.

Although you have to take notice that for the dental implants to be complimentary, they come with definite conditions that you first have to meet to be qualified for the procedure. You should also ensure there are no ‘hidden fees’. Nevertheless, it is important that you try to ask and look around before you settle on any one dental clinic.

2) State Dental Society

If you cannot find a dentist or clinic that will offer free dental implants or very cheap dental implants, then you could check with your State’s dental society.  Most states do offer a complimentary dental implant provided they are qualified. Most of the complimentary procedures that the states gives out are to those who need the procedure the most but are unable to afford it, they are given preference first.

3) Dental Insurance Coverage

If you have dental insurance then you should confirm with your dental insurance provider if you will be covered. A lot of these companies do not pay for the cost of the dental implants, but there are some companies that do. If you do not have an existing insurance policy, then now you should consider acquiring one.

When planning to get a dental insurance, make sure that it covers dental implants. Most insurance companies do not see dental implants as a necessity, therefore most will not cover dental implants.  However, there are certain insurance companies that include dental implants in their coverage, which simply means that you your dental implants will be paid for by your insurance or in a co-payment method.

4) Local School of Dentistry

A good place to go to when you want to find cheap dental implants is a local school of dentistry.  Schools of dentistry regularly have volunteers as patients of the dentistry students who are undergoing training.  The dental method needs actual hands on experience for the students to learn. Dental implant surgery necessitates a systematic training and hands on experience while they are still in school in order to learn this skill. Dental schools are your very best option for finding very cheap dental implants, most major universities have a dental school!

And the same goes with those dentists that are undergoing a preparation; they also need volunteer patients to work on. As a result, local schools dentistry will be offering a complimentary surgery or cheap dental implants to those who will volunteer. As you see, with just a bit of detective work, you can find cheap dental implants!

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