Cosmetic Teeth Covers

If you are not happy with the look of your teeth, you can improve their appearance using cosmetic teeth covers. Cosmetic teeth covers are one way of covering up those discolored and stained teeth. With cosmetic teeth cover you can flaunt that pretty smile of your again.

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Some individuals choose cosmetic teeth covers as an alternative to extracting their teeth and getting dentures or dental implants. Cosmetic teeth covers are much less expensive compared to dentures or implants, and you can even buy some cosmetic teeth covers over the counter.

Cosmetic Teeth Covers: From the Dentist

There are actually two types of cosmetic teeth covers: the first one can be obtained from your dentist who can position them right away. These professional cosmetic teeth covers will definitely look natural.

Cosmetic Teeth Covers: Over The Counter

The second type can be purchased over the counter and can be mounted instantly. The end result of the over-the-counter types can vary. The final look will depend on the type of teeth cover that you buy, and how they fit on your teeth.

The Cost of Cosmetic Teeth Covers

The cost of cosmetic teeth covers will vary based on where they were purchased. You can find teeth covers online for less than $50, but with the cheap cost of the cover, you shouldn’t expect these cosmetic teeth covers to last very long at all.

If your goal is to get durable cosmetic teeth covers, it is best to go to your dentist and purchase them there. The dentist can select the covers that are best suited to your teeth, fit snugly, and will last a long time. A good idea would be to do a bit of research beforehand, so you can get a better idea of your options. You can search online and read reviews on the various covers, the pros and cons, and their prices.

The cosmetic teeth covers you’ll get from your dentist is a safer option, but cost around $ 1,500, however they will last you up to 5 years or even longer.

Cosmetic Teeth Covers: Dentist’s Advice

It is the best idea to visit your dentist and seek their advice regarding the cosmetic teeth covers. Your dentist knows your teeth, so he will be able to set you up with ones that will best suit the shape of your teeth. Your dentist has the training and experience to attach your cosmetic teeth covers correctly, ensuring a good fit. Your dentist can also recommend the best teeth covers for your specific case…not everyone is the same.

One drawback to cosmetic teeth covers is that when you eat, food particles can get stuck in between. This will in turn encourage the development of tooth decay which can then be the basis of tooth problems. This is also another reason why your dentist will discourage you from having cosmetic teeth covers. He may suggest other products to cover up your teeth, such as dental veneers, or even suggest replacements for badly damaged teeth, such as dental implants.
In any case, your dentist is the best person to speak with about getting teeth covers. They can give you facts and information that you may not have found online, they can provide you with some insight on other alternatives, and once you’ve made the decision, they can also install your cosmetic teeth covers.


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