Cost Of Tooth Implant


cost of tooth implant 150x150 Cost Of Tooth ImplantThere many reasons why you might need to have a tooth replaced, and one factor that will definitely influence your decision is the cost of tooth implant.  If the loss of your tooth was due to an accident, or a cavity, or even old age, then having your teeth fixed can be quite expensive.  However, having missing teeth will make you very conscious about your smile, you won’t smile as much, plus you may not be able to eat food as you once did, so replacing that missing tooth with a dental implant is very important.

The process entails the tooth implant to be surgically placed. The whole process can take as little as one day, or up to 6 months or even more to complete since the procedure involves placing your dental implants surgically by a team of professional surgeons and their aides. Prior to consenting to undergo the procedure, try to ask some other professionals about their cost to tooth implant and compare the prices.  You can also read more about the cost of dental implants here.

The Cost Of Tooth Implant

A typical cost for tooth implant can range from $1,000 to $6,000 for a single tooth in most of the U.S.  Many dental insurance may not cover the cost of this procedure. Instead you will be shouldering the entire cost. You do, however, have the option of financing it with your dentist, applying for a loan or just saving for the dental surgery. If you are opting for a cheaper experience, then you may want to consider going to Mexico. In Mexico, the dental implant rates are one third of what the United States charges and the quality is exactly the same.

The professional consultation fee
-          X-ray
-          CT scan
-          The tooth implant
-          The dentist professional fee and his team
-          Crowns
-          If necessary, a bone graft may be required to make sure that there is adequate bone mass for the implants to be attached to.

Other Factors Affecting Cost Of Tooth Implant

Other issues that can affect the cost of tooth implant is where in the jaw the implant will be positioned, the kind of tooth that will be replaced, and the extent of the damage of the original tooth. Also, where you live can (or where you have the procedure done) can greatly affect the entire cost of tooth implant.

By far the greatest single factor that can change the cost of a tooth implant is loss of bone due to not having teeth over an extended period of time. Getting Implants as soon as possible is critical to reduce bone loss in the jaw. waiting sever years will affect the cost of tooth implants and how much general grief the entire process will give you.

One more option of reducing the cost of the tooth implant is to check out dental schools.  At a dental school, the implant procedure will be done by a dental student that is under the close supervision of a licensed dentist.  You will be in the chair for a bit longer, but the cost of tooth implant is at least one-third less than at a private dental practice.

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