Dental Crown Cost


With all the various types of dental crowns being offered in the market today, all with a different dental crown cost, it can be a bit more difficult to answer the question “how much will a dental crown cost”. Having a bit of knowledge on each kind of crown and the exact dental crown cost will help you to choose the type of dental crown, and help you to prepare for the cost of the bill.

At present, there are 4 major categories of crowns that are readily available in the market. They are: full metal, porcelain fused to metal, full resin, and full ceramic.

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Full Metal Dental Crown Cost

dental crown cost guide Dental Crown CostThe metal crowns are typically made of jewelry grade gold, and has an average dental crown cost range. Less of your tooth will need to be removed than the other crowns and as an outcome, the teeth’s wear and tear is minimized. With metal crowns, they can last longer before it deteriorates. For this reason, they are considered as the best crown if it was not for their apparent metallic color, and a lot of people still prefer to have them on their teeth provided they will not be visible.
The metal dental crown cost can range from $700 to $1,500. Another thing that should also be considered is the percentage mixture of the precious metals like the gold or the platinum materials inside the crown. You have to take note that the more precious metal is used, the higher the dental crown cost will be.

Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Dental Crown Cost

One immense advantage of this kind of crown is that the crown color can match the color of the patients’ teeth. As a result, this will not be noticed as a metal crown. This variation has a slightly higher dental crown cost then full metal crowns, but is still very affordable. There is one drawback with this kind of crown: It will eventually damage the neighboring teeth, whereas a metal crown will not. Moreover, the metal that is located underneath the porcelain can be visible and may leave a dark line on the tooth itself. It can also chip or break more easily compared to the metal crown, but a lot of people still prefer to have them because of their natural look. The dental crown cost for this type usually ranges from $700 to $1300. Overall, the exact dental crown cost will rely on the kind of metal that will be used in the crown, if it is precious, semi precious or base metal, again, the more precious metal used the higher the dental crown cost.

Cost of Full Resin Dental Crown

Not all dental crowns will cost the same, the dental crown cost for one may be more than others, and a full resin crown is on the lower end of the dental crown cost scale, but these too have drawbacks. The resin type are more prone to chip or crack than the other kind of crown. They can also wear down the opposite teeth more easily compared to the other types. Inspite of this predicament, a lot of patients still opt for this kind of crown since the dental crown cost ranges from $600 to $1,200. With this affordable rate, patients who do not have any dental insurance usually favor this type of crown because of its affordability.

Full Porcelain Dental Crown Cost

If the dental crown cost is not a big concern, then a full porcelain crown would be a good option. This kind of crown has been recognized to offer the perfect color match the surrounding teeth. The downside to a full porcelain crown is that it tends to be more fragile than the porcelain fused to metal crown, and it can also cause more damage to neighboring teeth than any other crowns.
It is however, the best choice for those people who suffer from metal sensitivity. With a range of $800 to $1,750, porcelain has the highest dental crown cost.

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