Dental Implants Cost

If you’ve got missing teeth and are considering replacements, then it’s time you find out what dental implants cost . Aside from the dental implants costThe average cost of a dental implant is 2-3k dollars per implant. This does not include all prices like for the crown or other dental surgery that might be needed. , you should also learn the benefits to replacing those missing teeth. Many people only look at the when considering replacement teeth, but there are two other major factors to replacing those missing teeth: First is restoring your mouth’s functionality, and Second is restoring your smile.


Here, we will go over the reasons why you should get dental implants, and the importance, as well as the benefits to having them. After considering the benefits that implants can provide, the dental implants cost begins to seem like an afterthought.

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Dental Implants Cost – Functionality

Chewing and eating with missing teeth can be a challenge. Biting into things like apples, or a juicy burger can be very difficult if you are missing your front teeth. Then after biting the food, chewing that delicious food will be tough when you are missing a molar or two.

When missing a tooth on one side of your mouth, people tend to chew most, if not all, of the food on the other side of their mouth. This puts additional stress on those teeth as they become overused. Getting dental implants will allow you to enjoy your food as you should be able to, without constantly making a conscious effort to chew on one side only. This will allow your teeth to wear evenly, instead of one side wearing down more quickly due to overuse.

Another point to consider is shifting teeth. When you are missing even just one tooth, your other teeth will shift around in your mouth. You may not notice it, but after years of missing that one tooth, your other teeth will have spaced out a bit more, and some even become crooked. This will affect your occlusion and you will end up with an uncomfortable bite. Not to mention that food will become stuck in between your teeth more often. If you’ve ever eaten a steak and gotten a piece of meat stuck in between your teeth, you know that it can be a bit of a pain until you brush or floss it out. Dental implants will replace that missing tooth, prevent your teeth from shifting around in your mouth, and will preserve your bite.  The dental implants cost may seem like a hefty price to pay, but you can’t put a price on your health.

Dental Implants Cost – Esthetics

Your smile is the most important feature of your face, when someone looks at you, they will definitely see your smile, and when you speak to people they will surely see your teeth. If you are missing teeth, especially teeth in the front, it will affect the way you see yourself. People who are missing front teeth tend to try and hide those missing teeth by not smiling, speaking very little, or by covering their mouths when they speak or eat. It can be embarrassing to be missing teeth in the front, and that can have a very negative impact on your self esteem, your confidence, and your overall mental health.

Dental implants can restore your pearly whites to their full glory, and with it, you will boost your self esteem, your confidence, and you will not feel the need to hide your teeth at all. The dental implants cost may seem excessive, but the positive impact on your mental health is worth every penny.  You can be confident in yourself when you talk, eat and most importantly, smile!

Types of Dental Implants

There are various types of dental implants, and each dental implants cost is different.  There are traditional implants, mini-dental implants, and denture implants. Traditional implants are the larger sized implants, and have been the most common type of implant used until recently. They are best used where there is sufficient jaw bone, and are typically used for teeth that are constantly under pressure, like your molars.  These dental implants cost a bit more than others due to their size, more titanium used means that traditional dental implants cost more than say mini-dental implants.

dental implants cost Dental Implants Cost

In the past decade, we have seen the introduction of mini-dental implants, also called MDIs. MDIs are best used for the front teeth, where there is less stress and pressure put on the teeth. Mini-dental implants are also used when there is slightly less bone structure to support a traditional implant. An MDI is typically not used for molars because their diameter is thinner than a traditional implant.  Also, these dental implants cost is typically lower than the traditional dental implants cost since there is less titanium used.

Denture implants are the latest innovation. These are implants that are specifically used to hold dentures securely in place. The implants are put in, and once the patient has healed, the dentures can snap into place. The dentures will typically have tiny slots in the base that line up with the implants. At night, the dentures can be taken out for cleaning and soaking, and in the morning they can be snapped on without the need for messy glues, or any additional plates to hold them in place.  These dental implants cost will range between the traditional and mini dental implants cost, but again, it the dental implants cost will vary based on the number of implants you need.

The dental implants cost will vary depending on your needs, so the best advice would be to visit your dentist to get more information about implants, and each type of dental implants cost. Your dentist can inspect your oral health, recommend the implants that would fit your situation the best, and give you an estimate on the dental implants cost.

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

The dental implants cost will really depend on the types of dental implants you need, and the number of dental implants that you need. You will also need to factor in your bone health into the dental implants cost. If you do not have sufficient jaw bone available, then the dental implant will not be successful. If that is the case then a bone graft will be necessary, which will increase the dental implants cost.

Your location will also affect the dental implants cost. Generally, dental implants cost more in a large city, such as New York compared to a small town in Arkansas. The reason is that good dentists are in much greater demand in a larger city, hence those dentists will charge more for their services compared to the dentist in the small town in Arkansas. If you live in a large city, you may want to look outside the city to help bring the dental implants cost down.

Another factor affecting dental implants cost is health coverage. If you have health coverage, you should find out if the dental implants cost will be covered, and if so, how much will be covered. If you do not have any type of dental coverage, then you should expect to pay the entire dental implants cost yourself. But many dentists offer payment plans that make the dental implants cost more manageable.

But what do dental implants cost? Well, we won’t leave you in the dark here…

Dental Implants Cost Approximately $2,000 Per Implant


Dental implants can replace those missing teeth, improve your appearance, and give you the confidence you have been missing. With dental implants, you can smile freely without feeling embarrassed about that gap in between your teeth. You can bite, chew, and speak as you did when you had all your teeth, and you will become more confident about yourself. If you are missing teeth, the best advice would be to speak to your dentist, get the facts, the options available, and of course, find out the dental implants cost.

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