Dental Implants in One Day

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Dental Implants in one day solve how awkward it can be to have a missing tooth. Loose dentures can greatly affect your image, like when you talk or smile. It is obviously unpleasant if you slice your food into small pieces and can’t fully enjoy the food, and then you must take out your teeth in order to soak it overnight. Aiming to prolong the longevity of your failing teeth can cause damage to its underlying bone. It is best if you visit your dentist for a proper solution, because there are many other options out there.

Before, the traditional implant surgery was the only available option to dentures. It takes several months to complete the traditional dental implant treatment, and you may be required to wear dentures while the process is being done. However, due to advancements in technology, it’s now possible to get an implant to restore your failing teeth in only one day.

The Dental Implants in One Day Process and Procedure

This modern technique for dental implants in one day is known as All-on-4, which makes it possible to set teeth replacements in just one day by using four dental implants in order to repair your teeth and your jaws.

To begin the process, a special radiograph is necessary to assess the condition of your teeth and jaws. A replica of your teeth is being done to study the structure and how you bite. The shape, position and color can be change to enhance the appearance. The denture or fabrication is then made in the office while you wait, that is if your dentist has the tools in the office, or a dental lab technician.

A bridge is considered necessary to be attached to your four implants in order to replace your failing teeth.  When it’s time for the treatment, you will be given anesthetic. Then, your loose teeth are extracted and your dental implants are positioned in the gums, and the dental bridge is attached. There is no pain since your gums are numb. After that, you can go home and can eat a light meal and you need to rest.

If your dentist doesn’t have a dental lab on-site, or the tools to fabricate they denture, then you will get temporaries while your permanent teeth are being created by the dental lab. At your second appointment, your new teeth are ready to be put on.

Dental implants in one day will improve your smile and allow you to bite and chew comfortably.  Dental implants are very successful, and when your crown, bridge or denture needs replacing, it can removed from the implants quite easily.  It is uncommon that your implants will become loose, but if this happens, your implants will be removed and be replaced with new implants, and a new bridge may also be required.

Dental Implants in One Day Care

Taking care of your new teeth is really easy. It should be cleaned at least two times a day. You must make a dental appointment at least twice a year to check the condition of your implants. Sometimes radiographs are done to check your implants.

Occasionally, this kind of technique cannot be performed, for the reason that bone in your jaw is broken, or there is not enough bone.  In some cases you can get a bone graft. Some other techniques are available, where implants are positioned at the jaw in order to carry a bridge, but these techniques may consume more time, be more costly, and you are required to wear dentures or temporaries for a certain period of time.

In any case, a dental implant can help to secure and stabilize your false teeth, improve your smile, and boost your self esteem. Visit your dentist to discuss your dental problem and find solutions.

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