Denture Implants

Missing teeth is a common things these days, nearly 20% of the population of North America is missing some or all of their teeth, but this can be resolved by getting denture implants.  Why get denture implants?  Missing one tooth, some, or even all of your pearly whites can significantly affect your quality of life.  Many people who have missing teeth are not confident about their smile, and are likely to smile less which can affect one’s personality, not to mention the trouble eating or even speaking.

denture implants 2 Denture ImplantsIf you’re missing some of your teeth, you will probably opt for some type of denture.  Many dentures rely on an adhesive to stick to your gums, the roof and the bottom of your mouth, all of which affects your palette.  Traditional dentures can help you to chew some softer foods, they tend to slide around causing discomfort, and irritation, which can lead to some more serious issues.  So how do you prevent dentures from sliding around?  The answer is: Denture Implants.

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Why Choose Denture Implants?

Denture implants are basically dentures secured in place by dental implants.  Dental implants are small titanium screws with a small rounded ball tip that are inserted into the gum, and the denture can be attached to a dental implant.  Denture implants can stabilize dentures when in the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about them popping out.  Denture implants also help to preserve the jaw bone.  When you are missing a tooth, the jaw bone in that area tends to shrink since there is nothing to hold, this can affect your bite.  A denture implant replaces the missing tooth root, and fuses to the jaw bone, which will help your jaw to remain intact.

The beauty about dentures supported by dental implants is that you are able to eat apples knowing that your dentures won’t slide around and irritate your gums.  The pallet is not covered by adhesive or anything else, which means your taste will be much improved, and it will feel like you’ve got your own teeth back.  Eating nuts, crispy fresh fruit, or even hard candy is not a problem once you have your denture implants installed.

The Denture Implants Procedure

The procedure to get denture implants is fairly simple, your dentist simply drills a pilot hole in your jawbone, and then screws in the dental implant, leaving the ball tip protruding from the gum.  Then the denture is fitted with a couple ball catchers inside the base on either side of denture.  The denture can then be snapped into place.

Because the procedure to get denture implants is relatively easy, you won’t need an oral surgeon to perform the installation…many dentists are qualified to perform the procedure.  Technology has also produces mini denture implants that are smaller than dental implants.  Mini Dental Implants, also known as MDIs are about 2mm in size, while traditional dental implants range in size from 4mm to 6mm.  Mini dental implants are typically used when a regular implant won’t fit in the space available, and can be installed in roughly 1 hour on an outpatient basis.  Dentists usually use either 4 mini dental implants, or 2 regular dental implants to hold your denture in place.

If you are longing to chew, speak and eat food like you used to, then make the decision to get denture implants.  They are sturdy, they make your dentures comfortable, and they are affordable, they are denture implants.

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