Full Denture Cost

The full denture cost varies extensively mainly because there a number of different kinds of dentures. From standard to inexpensive to high quality dentures, you will definitely find the perfect dentures for you.

One fact you may want to note is that nowadays, dentures can be supported by denture implants. Denture implants are basically the same as dental implants, except that the denture can be snapped into place during the day, and removed at night for cleaning. Traditional dentures simply sit in the space in your gums, but they tend to slide around causing irritation which could lead to complications. Denture implants hold the denture firmly in place. Click here to read more about Denture Implants.

Full Denture Cost – A Brief History full denture cost Full Denture Cost

Historically dentures have been around as early as 700 B.C. All types of dentures were created; using animal teeth, ivory and even human teeth. False teeth made out of porcelain were first made in late 1700s. Later on, dentures resembled natural teeth that were made out of gold, which proved to be durable and long lasting. But the costs of the gold were much too expensive, so they created a substitute for the gold plates.

Modern dentures are now made up of acrylic and other plastics. The dentists also make sure the dentures fit and in order to provide support, retention and stability.

Full Denture Cost

Full Denture Cost: Quality of Denture

The average full denture cost ranges from $300 to $2000. The actual price will depend on your situation, if you only need a set of the upper, or lower jaw, or a full set for both jaws. The quality of the denture will also make a difference in the cost. Dentures on the higher end of the price range will get you better quality dentures that come with a long warranty. The more life-like dentures can run you in the thousands, but will last much longer than basic dentures that only cost a few hundred dollars.

Premium quality dentures will have a price range of $1000-$3000 per plate up to $7000 and even more for full mouth denture plates. A premium quality denture resembles real gums and teeth and you will be satisfied with the quality materials and craftsmanship. You will also have a better warranty should your dentures be damaged, or if you need to make adjustments.

Full Denture Cost: Location & Insurance

The full denture cost may also vary depending on where you live. A dental specialist including the prosthodontics can charge up to $450 to $2500. Generally, if you live in a major city, the full denture cost tends to be higher than if you live out in a rural area, so traveling may be an option you want to look at further. It would also be a very good idea to check your dental insurance policy as most of the full denture costs are covered by insurance companies.

Getting dentures doesn’t have to be horrifying or shameful. If you are interested in getting dentures, the best idea is to speak with your dentist, investigate and get a few quotes from different dentists. You may be able to find a lower full denture cost with a little bit of effort.

Full Denture Cost: A New Tread

A new trend in saving money and getting great quality is Internet dental labs online. You will receive an impression kit, with very easy to follow directions, send the impression back to the dental lab, and presto in about a week or so you get a very high quality of denture for usually under a thousand dollars. By eliminating the dentist in the process the savings are passed straight to the consumer. So Full denture cost is greatly reduced while keeping the quality high.

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