Full Set of Dental Implants

A full set of dental implants are a very effective permanent solution for missing, decayed teeth, dentures or bridges. Dental implants are one of the most popular treatments in the field of dentistry, and have a success rate of over 95%. They are a great alternative to replace those missing teeth.

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full set of dental implants Full Set of Dental ImplantsConstructed with a pure titanium base which is remarkably strong and durable, dental implants will fuse securely to your jawbone and will act as the root of your replacement tooth. A full set of dental implants will feel, look and function like a natural teeth and it also conserves bone integrity and as well facial structure. Implants are a permanent solution, and once they have set in the bone, they are non-removable.


Full Set of Dental Implants: The Benefits

It is not only for aesthetic value, what dental implants can provide goes beyond filling the gaps where missing teeth were. Dental Implants can give you more than what dentures can, they can answer many dental problems, and help you avoid complications due to missing teeth. Moreover, it will bring back what you’ve lost…your teeth.

Some of the benefits that a full set of dental implants can offer to its patients are eating and speaking like you used to with your natural teeth. Foods that were forbidden before are now back on the menu. Also dental implants will increase preservation of bone and decrease gum tissue shrinkage. They also give additional support and freedom from the clicks and wobbles of traditional dentures. You won’t need to worry about misplacing or even breaking your dentures, and you can do away with those messy pastes and glues because dental implants are permanent. Implants are also easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do in visit the dentist every 6 months.

Full Set of Dental Implants: Investigating The Cost

When looking at the cost of a full set of dental implants, you should first get an evaluation from a cosmetic dentistry professional, they can advise you how much you can expect to pay for your implants. Some items are included such as the basic procedures like x-rays, extraction of remaining fragments or damaged teeth. Next are the addition of abutment and the attachment of the crown. These are some of the fees that might be included, not to mention any pain medications and antibiotics you may need after surgery. The good thing about the permanent implants is that you are only expected to pay once and be set for life.

Currently, the cost for a full set of dental implants is not covered by most insurance plans, but you should always check with your insurance provider, they may cover some of the cost. It is important to get a full explanation of exactly what will be done by the dentist as well as what your options are. Not every dentist charges the same amount for a full set of dental implants. Thus, the cost depends on their regular fee schedule and the methods they will use.

The best idea would be to check with a few different dentists and get their quotations and the breakdown of procedures and cost. You can also ask questions about the technique. A professional dentist will not have any problem explaining their process and recommendations to you so that you can arrive at an informed decision. Just remember, a full set of dental implants is an investment for your overall health, aesthetic and well-being.

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