Intra-Lock Dental Implants

intra lock for dentures 117x300 Intra Lock Dental ImplantsThe Intra-Lock Dental Implants were designed in order to replace a single missing tooth or many missing teeth, or to support dental bridgework and stabilize dental dentures. Intra-Lock’s headquarters and manufacturing site are both located in the United States. Intra-lock dental implants are very high quality, and have surpassed the expectations of many demanding dentists and oral surgeons around the world.

Loose dentures and missing teeth are problems for many individuals, but they are thankful for dental implants. At the present time, the science and art of dental implants has become a usual restorative procedure practiced in many dental clinics worldwide. Dental implants are actually the result of orthopedic medicine that uses titanium hips as well as titanium knee for replacements. In the field of dentistry, implants are also made from titanium, and act as the root of your tooth. Once positioned, they become connected into your bone through a process called osseointegration. The denture or artificial tooth is then attached into the implant.

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What’s the difference between Intra-lock dental implants and conventional bridges?

Conventional bridges include the preparation of the teeth on both sides of the affected. Three crowns are required to make a dental bridge that will substitute a single missing tooth. Intra-Lock Dental implants can substitute a single tooth, or many missing teeth without affecting any of the adjacent teeth.

What are the different kinds of dental implants?

There different sizes of dental implants. The implants you receive may differ on the shapes, sizes and configurations necessary. Everyone is different, and there are a wide variety of anatomical differences each individual has, such as the bone quality, amount of bone plus the shape, and the relationship between the lower and upper jaws. Your dentist will recommend the exact implants that best suit your needs.

How can Intra-Lock dental implants replace the natural teeth?

Permanent or fixed dental implants restorations will look and function just like your natural teeth. The implant acts as the tooth root, and then a bridge or a dental crown is fabricated and attached to the top of your dental implants. The required number of implants are surgically positioned, and after the bone has fused to the implant (osseointegration), your teeth are then restored with an individual crown, a fixed bridge, or a combination of both.

How long does the healing process take?

The healing period of the procedure may depend, however if your dentist sense that you will have a long time healing process, then a temporary or transitional restoration may be an option. A temporary bridge or tooth allows you acquire esthetics and this can work immediately. Traditional implants can take up to 6 months to heal before the replacement tooth can be placed. On the other hand, mini dental implants can be loaded immediately following their insertion into the jaw. The healing process will take about a month with MDIs (mini dental implants)

Can it be possible to use Intra-Lock implants as an anchor for dentures?

Yes, dental implants may also be of help for those who wear dental dentures. Dentures can slide and move around, causing irritation which may lead to other, more serious dental health issues. Implants can help in stabilizing your dentures by converting those into “overdentures”, to make them solid, functional and secure. This solution works great for those patients who are not a candidate for a full-mouth dental implant restoration, or for those who are looking for a cost-effective alternative. The dentures can easily snap into place and be removed at night for cleaning. Intra-lock dental implants will eliminate the need for messy denture adhesives and denture creams.

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