Permanent Dentures

You can now say goodbye to loose dentures that slip and slide, now there are permanent dentures, which is the latest innovation in denture technology. The old approach to dentures depended entirely on suction or a clip to keep it in place, but this was not as effective as it could have been. Learning how to chew and eat, as well as talking with dentures can be nerve racking because the old style of dentures never stayed perfectly in place. There was always that worry they might pop out at the worst time, but permanent dentures are the new answer!

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Getting Your Permanent Dentures

permanent dentures Permanent DenturesTo start with, the dentist will assist you in choosing the type of dentures that you will suit you based upon your individual condition. A partial, or a full set of dentures may be required. Then this is where the custom fitting process begins. Having a dental fitting involves a multi-stage process that basically requires several visits to your dentist.

During the initial visit, the dentist will do a comprehensive examination of your mouth to make sure that your gum tissue and its ridges are in proper condition to sustain the permanent dentures. If you do not require a surgical reshaping, then your dentist will make a soft bite impression on the upper and lower portion of your jaws. This will then be utilized to make a wax bite cast, and that wax cast will in turn be used to create a plastic set of teeth which will be your permanent denture. Once permanent denture has been made and given your final approval, these are now ready to be put in place.

Typically, the permanent dentures will be fabricated by a dental laboratory by a dental technician. The dental technician will work with your dentist to create a set of dentures that fits perfectly. It is important during the fitting process that you give your dentist as much feedback as possible on the fit, feel and look of the dentures. The dentist will pass this information to the dental lab, and the end result will be a set of permanent dentures that look just like your natural teeth. Remember, the more info you give to your dentist during the fitting process, the better the results you’ll have for the final permanent dentures.

Permanent dentures can be put in place a number of different ways.

Permanent Dentures Attached to Existing Teeth

The partial denture ridge can be durably placed by fastening it to the column of the teeth which have been assembled with the crowns for additional strength. This can be fairly sufficient to hold a denture in place, but there is a better solution – denture implants!

Permanent Dentures Attached to Denture Implants

There is a different method that can even hold it securely because it does not depend on the usual teeth that is not decaying. This method is called the implant process. Small holes are drilled into your jaw bone, and metal implants are inserted. The denture implants are basically posts that the denture will be attached to. Once the gums have already healed, the brand new dentures can now be permanently cemented to the bare posts. The implants provide superb stability, which means the permanent dentures will not slide or move around, and it will definitely not pop out.

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