Price of Veneers

price of veneers 300x147 Price of VeneersIf you want to know the exact price of veneers, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. Some of the aspects that would affect the price may include: the dentist’s fee, the materials used for the veneer, the condition of the tooth, and possibly dental laboratory fees (if a dental lab is used).

Veneers that are made of porcelain are extremely durable, resistant to stains, and are very esthetically pleasing.  You should be able to find plenty  of dental offices that offer porcelain veneers, but there are also veneers made of composite materials.

Getting the Price of Veneers Down to Reality

During an initial visit with your dentist, they may cite a price for porcelain veneers that are on a “per unit” (or per tooth) basis. Take for example you need veneers on four of your upper teeth, and the dentist says it will cost $1,000 per veneer, then you would anticipate paying four times the dentist per piece charges, or $4,000. If you are going to need any dental implants than you will be getting a crown vs a veneer.

Each dentist will prefer to discuss things before quoting an exact price of veneers.  Take note that your dentist may charge you for this initial appointment as well. When you do schedule for a consultation, you can ask the receptionist if there is a consultation fee.

A lot of dentists will not be able to give you an estimate by phone.  Quoting involves looking at what is actually involved, and that can only be done by examining your teeth.  Each person’s case is unique, and the cost will vary, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find out the price of veneers over the phone.

Porcelain Veneers

The exact cost of porcelain veneers differ from state to state. The average price of veneers is $1,400 for a single veneer made of porcelain, but the price of veneers can range anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per veneer.

Professional cosmetic dentists frequently price it at $1,250 for a single porcelain veneer, but there are a lot of educational institutions that offer porcelain veneers for low as $500.  Keep in mind that it is strongly advised that patients should not settle for cheap prices and sacrifice the quality of the dentist.

Composite Veneers

The price of veneers created out of composite material is typically much lower than porcelain veneers.  Composite veneers will run you anywhere from $400 to $1500 per veneer.  However, composite veneers are a bit more complicated to apply, so some dentists will charge you a higher price.  Most dentists do consider composite veneers to be inferior to porcelain veneers in most aspects, so not many dentists will offer composite veneers.

But a composite veneer does have its advantages compared to a porcelain alternative.  The composite veneer can be completed in a single appointment and are easily altered.  Porcelain veneers cannot be done in one appointment, and are not easily altered.  Composite veneers do not require the tooth surface be reduced, porcelain veneers do, which means less preparation time for the composite veneers. The price of veneers varies from one dentist to another greatly some times just phone shopping is a good start

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