Teeth Bonding Cost

The dental bonding method makes use of a composite resin material that is utilized for an array of structural and cosmetic uses, however, the teeth bonding cost can be higher than traditional fillings. With composite resin bonding, the dentist can repair damaged, broken or chipped teeth, fill in the gaps between teeth, and fill in any small holes in your teeth.

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Teeth Bonding Cost: What Is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding involves a type of composite resin filling that will be put on the surface of your teeth. The resin can be put on the back of the teeth, and in the front. The composite resin is a solution to repair decayed teeth and can make some improvements if you would like to have your teeth color changed or have a tooth reshaped.

The method of tooth bonding will lessen the discoloration that your teeth may have. Bonding can also seal the minor gaps and correct the crooked teeth. Basically, what the bonding will do is to cover up those little imperfections by applying a thin coat of plastic material on to the surface of the affected teeth. Soon after, your dentist will administer a bonding substance and will shape, mould and color the teeth to give your teeth the result you’re looking for. An intense light is applied to hasten the hardening of the plastic, after which the surface will be finely polished.

Teeth Bonding Cost: How Long Will It Last?

The tooth bonding composites, if given proper care, will last from seven to eleven years, which is longer than the traditional silver fillings which is only good for seven years.

Teeth Bonding Cost: Tooth Bonding Types

There are actually 2 types of tooth bonding. The type that would suit you will depend on the area, whether that will be small or large that needs the modification.

Teeth Bonding Cost: Small Alterations

Small alterations can be done in a single schedule filling. Your teeth will be color matched and will then be bonded to the exterior for extra strength. These will work well for small fillings.

Teeth Bonding Cost: Larger Modifications

The larger corrections will require two appointments. A mold of the tooth (or teeth) is created, and then a dental lab will create the tooth colored filling. While the dental lab creates the filling, a temporary filling is placed. Your permanent filling is custom made, and is usually composed of porcelain materials. The custom made fit is then attached to your tooth during your second visit. This kind is more natural looking, long lasting and has extra stain resistance.

Teeth Bonding Cost

Like any other procedure, the prices may differ from dentist to dentist, and the entire cost of the bonding procedure may also depend on the bonding process that is required. A lot of insurance providers may cover the cost of the procedure if it is deemed a necessary procedure.
The average teeth bonding cost can range from $ 300 – $ 600 per tooth.

Teeth Bonding Cost: The Advantages of Tooth Bonding

Silver fillings do have their advantages…for one, they do not stick to the teeth. However, much of the tooth structure is removed, and the filling is put in place. On the other hand, the composite tooth bonding will allow your dentist to eliminate only the decayed part of the tooth. The other advantage over the traditional silver filings is that the composite bonding is less likely to fracture, crack or damage the tooth. Also, bonding provides more support to the affected tooth, since is like a covering. Composites are used to seal and fill in the chips and cracks of your tooth with a minimum of tooth structure removal.

The two major disadvantages to bonding are that the process can take more time to complete, and that the teeth bonding cost can be higher than fillings due to the cost of the bonding materials.

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