Tooth Crown Cost


Tooth crown cost can be a major concern to people considering getting a dental crown. Also known as a cap, the time usually comes when someone needs a dental crown. It’s hard to determine the cost of a dental crown because different types of crowns are now available for you to choose from. Knowing a bit about each type of crown and its cost can help patients to decide what type of crown they want, and can also help them prepare for the tooth crown cost. Four types of crown are currently available. These are full porcelain, full metal, full resin, and porcelain-fused to metal.

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Average Tooth Crown Cost

Full Metal Tooth Crown Cost: $750 to $1,400
Porcelain-Fused-to Metal Dental Crown Cost: $700 to $1,300
Full Resin Tooth Crown Cost: $6,000 to $1,200
Full Porcelain Tooth Crown Cost: $800 to $1,750

dental crown cost 300x200 Tooth Crown CostTooth Crown Cost: Full Metal

A full metal crown, usually made from jewelry grade gold, means much less of the natural tooth structure will need to be removed, compared to other types of dental crowns. A full metal crown also diminishes the gradual effect on nearby teeth and has a longer life before it begins to wear down. They’re known to be the best crowns even with the obvious appearance of metallic color. Many people prefer to use them because they are typically less expensive than other crowns, except for the full resin type. Full metal tooth crown cost ranges from $750 to $1,400.

Tooth Crown Cost: Porcelain-Fused-to Metal

The major advantage of the porcelain-fused-to metal crown is its ability to match the color patient’s natural teeth. Though they are not noticed easily, it wears the neighboring teeth, unlike metal caps. Also, you may notice a dark line at the base of the crown when the metal inside starts showing through. Though it chips off and breaks lot easier compared to metal caps, people’s preference to use this type of crown is attributable to its natural look. This type of tooth crown cost will ranges from $700 to $1,300.

Tooth Crown Cost: Full Resin

This cheapest type of crown is likely to chip and fracture more than the rest of crown types. It also causes the adjacent teeth to degrade faster compared to other dental caps. Patients with no dental insurance consider this tooth crown solution to save oncost rather than draining their accounts. A number of patients choose this because it is the least expensive type of crown. The full resin tooth crown cost ranges from $6,000 to $1,200.

Tooth Crown Cost: Full Porcelain

If you want to have greater color match of the crown to your natural teeth, the full porcelain tooth crown is the best choice. If, however you are concerned about the deterioration of the adjacent teeth, go for metal or resin crowns. The full porcelain crown is the best choice for those who are metal sensitive. The full porcelain tooth crown cost can range from $800 to $1,750.

Taking time in understanding dental crown procedure and the adifferent crown types, this will help you get quality treatment and a lower tooth crown cost.

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