Tooth Extraction Cost

Sometimes you won’t have a choice except to get a tooth extracted, which means you won’t be able to avoid the tooth extraction cost. If a tooth has become decayed beyond saving, or is growing at an angle that is affecting other teeth, then an extraction may be the best option. Regardless of the reason, it can be a painful experience to undergo extraction.

Thanks to local anesthesia procedures and pain killers, the pain is much more manageable than it used to be, but you will still need to be prepared for some degree of pain and inconvenience. If you want to avoid tooth extraction, and the tooth extraction cost, then you had better get used to taking care of your teeth.

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Factors That Affect Tooth Extraction Cost

Unfortunately, there is really no other way to extract a tooth other than ripping it out with plain brute force. The skill and experience of the dentist you choose can have a big effect on how much pain you will feel, as well as the tooth extraction cost. The more skilled your dentist is, the less damage the extraction will cause, and the less pain you will experience afterwards.

Encased inside a bony socket and connected by ligaments, the tooth sits securely in place. It can be removed by gently widening out the socket, and pulling the tooth out deftly. If the tooth to be extracted is too firmly connected, and is too deeply rooted, there may be some complications. A condition called dry socket must be prevented after extraction, which is the reason why wisdom teeth extraction tends to be more complicated.

Normally, a qualified dentist can accurately estimate the tooth extraction cost after examining your tooth’s condition, and maybe taking an X-ray. The tooth extraction cost may vary depending on your unique case, and the complications that may be involved.

People think that only their family dentist can perform the tooth extraction, but the truth is that any experienced dentist can perform the task. The deciding factor for many individuals always comes down to the tooth extraction cost. Recommendations by friends or family can also play a big role when choosing a dentist. Unfortunately, in most cases the pain of the tooth is so great that many people rush through the decision to get the tooth pulled without really looking at the tooth extraction cost…but this is understandable because sometimes the pain is just too much!

Tooth Extraction Cost – The Averages

Simple Tooth Extraction Cost

A fully erupted tooth with shallow root connection would be considered a simple, straightforward extraction. The simple tooth extraction cost can range from $80 to $175. In some cases, it may cost as low as $60 depending on the dentist.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost

The condition of tooth prior to extraction defines the cost. Extraction of an impacted, or half erupted tooth, a broken tooth, or a tooth with bone covering it will cost more since the extraction process is more involved. Removal of a broken tooth can cost $125 to $350, and the tooth extraction cost for an impacted tooth will range between $180 and $400. Extracting a tooth with bone covering it, or other complications can cost between $300 and $700.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

Extracting a wisdom tooth that is half-erupted or impacted can cost from $300 to $800. If the wisdom tooth is fully erupted then the tooth extraction cost will be less, somewhere between $250 to $400. Just remember that it takes a lot more time for you to recover from wisdom teeth removal than a simple extraction.

Tooth Extraction Cost – Other Fees To Consider

There may be some extra costs that you might incur when getting a tooth pulled. These can include:

- The initial consultation, cost can range from $50 – $ 150
- X-rays, cost can range from $15 – $125
- Sedation, the cost can range from $200 to $400

When you add it all up, pre-operative, the tooth extraction procedure, and post-operative procedures, the tooth extraction cost can total around $1,000.

In all the above cases, the tooth extraction cost is inclusive of follow-up visits and the entire surgical procedure. Many dental insurance plans will cover 70% to 80% of the tooth extraction cost, except for those procedures done for strictly cosmetic reasons.

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