Tooth Filling Cost

Tooth filling cost will rely upon a lot of different aspects. There is really no “standard” tooth filling, each filling is different, and so the cost will also vary.

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What Affects Tooth Filling Cost?

Some of the issues that will influence the cost of the tooth filling will comprise the following:

- The kind of material that will be utilized in the filling. The white tooth fillings are more expensive compared to the silver fillings. The white fillings take a while to put in since it entails a number of equipment compared to silver fillings, plus a certain level of expertise is required.
- The extent of the filling. The more extensive the filing is, the more tedious it becomes, and the more filling material is necessary. This is why the cost of the tooth filling is more expensive when a larger filling is needed.
- In case you may need a post or pins, these are positioned in the tooth prior to the tooth filing. These are needed in some cases to aid in the clasping of the large filing to be able to hold the broad filings. The addition of pins or posts will incur additional cost.
- Your dentist’s location. It will cost more in a city, but will cost less in a rural area.
- Insurance coverage.
- Expertise, training and skill of your dentist.
- If a provisional filling was necessary, it will need to be removed cleanly prior to the placement of the permanent filling. This procedure will mean an additional appointment with the dentist, and will add to the additional cost of the tooth filing.

Tooth Filling Cost – Temporary Fillings

Your dentist may choose to add a temporary filing if:

- It is an emergency.
- You are currently experiencing pain in the tooth prior to the filling. Your dentist may put a temporary filling to provide the tooth with a better chance of settling.
- If your tooth is not painful, then your dentist may opt for a temporary filing. This may take place if the dentist may find that the filing is near the nerve because of tooth decay.
- Your overall treatment may necessitate more than one visit to your dentist.

The temporary filing is generally made from a gentle material that will help in the settling of the nerve of the tooth. Having a temporary filing positioned in the deep cavity of the tooth will aid the nerve to repair itself and lessen the amount of damage to the tooth so that you may have a root canal later on.
Temporary filings are not usually strong to stay permanently in the mouth. Over a few months it will crack, deteriorate and break up. It is always advised to have the treatment finished, or else your tooth will become permanently broken, or worse, infected.

Tooth Filling Cost – Different Materials

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam is the most common filling. This type is the tough, durable and long lasting. They do wear down after some time, and may need to be replaced, but only after many years. If you have any type of metal allergy, then you should consider the other types of tooth filling materials.

Composite Fillings

Another type is the white composite fillings, but this type is not as sturdy as the amalgam dental fillings. They have a more natural look than silver, and are a bit more expensive, but the composite can chip and crack after some time.

Ceramic Fillings

Lastly there are the ceramic fillings or the inlays. Ceramic fillings are very durable and can be matched to the exact color of your natural teeth. The tooth filling cost for ceramics may be more expensive than silver or composite, but their durability and the value will outweigh the cost.

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