Tooth Implants Cost

If you have lost a tooth, the best idea would be to get a dental implant, but the tooth implants cost can be a factor when deciding which dentist to go to. Undergoing a tooth replacement is not an episode most of us would want to go through, the entire process will involve the extraction of the tooth, and then the placement of a dental implant, all of which can take a few months. However, if you are missing a tooth, or need to have one pulled out, an implant is the best option for your long term dental health.

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Tooth Implants Cost: The Implant Itself

Dental implants are typically made from titanium, which means they are durable, and they are made up of three pieces: the titanium post, the abutment and the prosthesis. The post is inserted in to your jaw bone, and will act as the root. The abutment is the piece on the top of the post where the prosthesis will be attached to, and it protrudes from the gum, it is the only part that is visible. The prosthesis is attached to the abutment, and this can be a replacement tooth, or a denture.

Over 500,000 dental implant procedures are performed every year, and this number continues to grow as implants and prosthetics become cheaper, and dentists become more familiar with the procedure.

Bear in mind that your what you will be paying out from your pocket will rely upon your dentist, dental insurance, health insurance and how much you are willing to spend.

Tooth Implants Cost: Preliminary Consultation

It is best to have a preliminary consultation with your surgeon prior to the implant process, or even before you commit to the procedure. Your surgeon will give you all the necessary information regarding what you should expect, and your choices (if any). You will also be given an approximation regarding the dental implant price and what can likely be covered by your dental insurance.

At the point of your consultation, your dentist will do a complete x-ray to find out exactly what your specific situation is. The dentist cannot give you an exact price until they examine your mouth thoroughly. The consultation and the cost of the x-ray are billed separately, so you should expect to pay around $100.

Tooth Implants Cost: About the Procedure

Tooth Implants Cost: Extraction

Prior to the placement of the implant, the afflicted tooth will be removed. It is an uncomplicated extraction when the affected tooth does not have a deep root, and it may cost you $75 to $250, depending on the tooth to be removed. If you choose to be sedated (put to sleep) throughout the procedure, the cost would range from $200 to $450.

Tooth Implants Cost: Placing the Implant

A drill is used to create a tiny hole in your gum and into your jaw bone. The implant is then inserted into this hole which is then sealed. The healing process can take 3 to 6 months to complete, then you can have the prosthesis attached to the implant. If you opt for an MDI, a mini dental implant, you can have the MDI inserted, and the prosthesis attached in the same day.

Tooth Implants Cost: About the COST

Getting an implant can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for a single tooth. You may think this is expensive, but if you have lost a tooth, your jawbone can be affected, your occlusion (bite) will be affected, and your smile will also be affected. In the long run, a dental implant can help you to maintain your dental health, and your mental well-being.

Dental implants are considered a cosmetic procedure by almost all insurance providers, meaning they are not necessary. This is why many insurers do not cover dental implants, however some do, so you should check with your insurance provider if dental implants are covered under your plan.

Almost all dental practices will offer financing…not everyone has $3,000 just sitting around. You can speak with your dentist about the payment options they have available. Financing plans can definitely ease the financial burden of the tooth implants cost.

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