Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Just like any dental procedure, the wisdom teeth removal cost can at times be high. The decision to have wisdom teeth extracted can be a tough decision, but in many cases people have no choice as the procedure can alleviate the pain that is caused by the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth removal coast is typically based on your specific situation and how difficult it will be to extract the tooth.

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The wisdom teeth are your 3rd set of molars which appear after you are 15 years old. There are four wisdom teeth in all, two on your upper jaw and two on your lower jaw. In some cases, there are people whose wisdom teeth do not appear at all. The removal of the wisdom teeth may be recommended on a variety of circumstances, they may be growing and causing complications with other teeth, or the wisdom teeth may be pushing on other teeth causing you pain and discomfort. There are some individuals that have a smaller jaw, and the jaw is not able to accommodate the wisdom teeth. In this case, wisdom teeth removal is usually the best option.

The eruption phase of your wisdom teeth is just one of the numerous reasons why they should be extracted. Wisdom teeth may take some time to erupt but this period can be the most annoying period since at this stage you are susceptible to various infections in the mouth. As a precautionary method, your dentist may propose that you have them extracted. Occasionally, the wisdom teeth may begin to grow at a very awkward angle that may create some pressure on the other neighboring teeth. These are just some of the reasons why you may experience tooth pain, bleeding, sinus pain, and swelling of your gums, thus the tooth extraction is advised.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

In the above mentioned cases where the wisdom tooth is required to be pulled out, the most important concern is the wisdom tooth extraction cost, aside from the pain of course. The charge for the wisdom tooth extraction will depend on the position of the wisdom teeth, the skills and experience of your dentist, kind of dental insurance that you have, and how long the wisdom teeth removal procedure will take.

Average Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

With Dental Insurance: $150 to $450 per tooth, out of pocket (depending on your dental insurance)
Without Dental Insurance: Approximately $1,500 per tooth

The wisdom tooth extraction cost includes sedation (if required), x-rays, the possible oral surgery, medications, and the extraction procedure of the wisdom tooth itself.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost: Dental Insurance

The best idea is to check with your dental insurance provider about your coverage. If you have a dental plan through work, the entire procedure may be covered, but again, you should contact your insurance provider to see what is covered. When you have dental insurance, your provider may cover 15% to 100% of the wisdom teeth extraction cost. But when you do not have any dental insurance, you will be footing the entire wisdom teeth extraction cost.

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